September Update!

The second floor porch has become my favorite place in the house. I love to sit there and listen to the sounds of Port-au-Prince. They are so different from home, and always changing. In the span of 15 minutes I’ll hear the sizzle of city power cutting out and the rumble of the generator coming to life, a mix of dogs barking, roosters crowing, children shrieking, and gravel churning as cars work their way up our mountain of a street. It goes on and on. The noises of life being lived. Beautiful.

My favorite thing about Haiti is that you never know what to expect. You could start with a plan at the beginning of the day and by the end of it you’ve accomplished several tasks, however, none of them were what you initially planned. It’s refreshing to have the freedom to shift, adjust, and allow the various roadblocks to be nothing more than a adjustment to the plan rather than an infuriating delay. It’s teaching me patience. It’s teaching me to slow down. It’s teaching me to enjoy the little things. My life here is constantly reminding me of what is actually important. Relationships, people, connecting, being joyful – even when it’s difficult. There are definitely some days that I have to actively choose to laugh at a situation, because it’s just so ridiculous that if I don’t laugh, I may cry.

It’s hard to believe I’ve already been here a month. I’ve heard a few people comment that the days in Haiti are long, but the time flies by. I feel like I’m definitely coming to understand that comment. It’s not that the days are difficult or bad, they’re just hot, and dusty, and they start at the crack of dawn, so by 7pm my body is ready for bed. This month went quickly because it has been busy since I landed on the 1st. We’ve hosted four families and one mission team so far. It has made for a steep learning curve and a LOT of corny, the-sun-fried-my-brain-hours-ago, jokes. Fortunately, we have a wonderful group of people working at the guesthouse and they put up with all of the ridiculous things that come out of my mouth…plus, when I ask our property manager to drive me to the grocery store because I need gatorade and chocolate chips, he actually does it. PRAISE THE LORD!

Praises from this month:

– Since we have several families coming to visit their kids, I’ve had the opportunity to spend quite a bit of time at one of the many orphanages here in Haiti. Just one day there is physically and emotionally draining, but I’ve met some pretty amazing kiddos. They are endless balls of energy!

– We got to host one family who were taking their 14 year old son home! They’d been pursuing his adoption for more than 2 years so it was beautiful to be able to see them united, finally and forever.

– My coworker (friend!) and I got a chance to escape for the day to a beautiful hotel called Karibe. It was a wonderful mental health day for swimming, eating and relaxing in the sun.

– Celebrating three birthdays here at the guesthouse! It’s made for LOTS of cake and we even had sweet guests bring ice cream. ICE CREAM. I almost died of happiness, it was amazing.

– Three weekends in a row going to Pizza Amour for a dinner out and delicious pizza. It’s a little slice of home away from home.

Prayer Requests:

– One of the little guys I’ve fallen in love with at the orphanage just turned 1 an he is fully blind. Just a few hours at the orphanage can leave you with so many thoughts and emotions. I’m not sure exactly what I’m asking you to pray for here, I just fell for him in a special way and would love you to pray with me on his behalf. That he would get the resources he needs as he grows older so he can be in an environment where he can thrive. I’m just not sure what that looks like at the moment or how to best help.
– I love lists and tasks. Being productive. Checking off the to-do list. These are not always bad traits, but I want my time in Haiti to be more than tasks. I want it to look back on this period in my life and remember the people, the experiences, the conversations. I don’t want to just remember the tasks I accomplished. Prayers that I would invest my time wisely and keep my eyes open to any opportunities where the Lord wants to be using me.
– Families are still waiting, waiting, waiting on news from the Haitian government. Please continue to pray for movement of those files on behalf of our families so more kids can come home!

– Continued prayers that God’s glory would shine through me, even in the most mundane days.

Drink a pumpkin spice latte for me and enjoy the changing colors of Fall!

Much love,

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