The Story of Six Months in Photos

To commemorate the halfway mark of this year, I decided to make a post dedicated solely to the fun, crazy, beautiful pictures I’ve accumulated since August. Let’s be honest, photos are the best part of blogs anyway 😉
Packing complete.
Hello, Carribean. I like you.
I get to live here? What?
My hood
Home for the next 12 months 🙂
The view from our 2nd floor patio
So many gorgeous sunsets
Norm the gnome came on this adventure with me. His BFF Norma is back in NoVA waiting for all of his stories once he returns 😉
First mission team/guests to host!
One of the orphanages we work with that often hosts mission teams as well

Our awesome Guesthouse staff
Pizza Amour!
Teams bring incredible amounts of donations
The current record of 53 checked bags – all but one made it!
The formula bank of donations raised through Foundations of Home that will provide formula to orphanages in need for a long time to come!

This view was incredible, photos can’t even begin to capture it!
English class!
Our first trip to the water! Much needed day of R&R
Needed clean clothes so badly, we took matters into our own hands
The little man that has my heart

It was so hot we felt no shame paying $2 a piece for these little slices of heaven in the form of ice cream
I miss giggles and sunsets with these sweet kids
These two little ones headed home with their new family!
14 year old boy going home with his family!
Slightly creepy Santa came to town!
Christmas shopping Haiti style with Mama and Papa Kato
A wonderful visit from the sweetest friends
Waterfall jumping at Basin Bleu in Jacmel, southern Haiti
The good ‘ole Tap Tap that gets everyone & everything where it needs to go!
Public transportation 🙂
Mission team getting VIP treatment in the Tap Tap
Valentine’s Love!

Hopefully this gives you a better idea of what my day to day world looks like. I’m constantly reminded that this wouldn’t be possible, that I wouldn’t be here in this place that I’ve grown to love, without the love and support from all of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you friends.


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