Namaste, India!

It is pretty surreal after months of planning to finally be here. My friend and classmate, Pau, and I left Newastle around 1pm on Wednesday bound for Dubai. The 7 hour flight left us feeling quite spoiled. We had a whole row to ourselves and if you’ve never flown Emirates – DO IT. If you already know the amazing features of this airline, feel free to ignore my gushing. Within minutes of boarding being finalized, we were handed a warm damp towel and drinks were served. They give complimentary wine, snacks, a full lunch (that was actually really good), and then they topped it all off with ice cream and a final round of drinks before landing. We even got a voucher when we checked in for a meal in the Dubai airport. We spent a quick 4 hours in Dubai and then boarded for DELHI! The flight from Dubai to Delhi only took about 2.5 hours. 

We landed around 9:30am Delhi time and our other classmate arrived a few hours after us. At this point we’d been traveling for about 12 hours and I hadn’t slept. This was poor decision making on my part. I chose to read instead of sleep, thinking I was almost finished with my book and the ending would be worth it. I wasn’t and it wasn’t. Alas, life goes on and I was somehow still functioning when we made it to Delhi.

To kill the time before our other friend arrived we got my phone set up with an India SIM card. A long and involved process, but I’ll say more on that another time. She arrived around noon and we were able to meet her at the airport exit. The fourth member of our India squad had arrived the night before and braved the metro to come meet us at the airport. We were all a bit skeptical that we’d actually manage to meet up, but we did! It was a good feeling to be all together, finally, in India!


We made our way via taxi back to our hotel to settle in. Us girls had booked a triple, so we thought we’d be sharing one room with 3 beds…not the case. We ended up in a room with one twin bed and one double bed…a bit of a shock at first, but luckily we seem to be a group that is pretty quick to adapt and it is coming in handy so far. Refueled with showers, power naps, and the buzzing excitement of finally arriving and being together, we ventured out to find some dinner. We were able to navigate the metro (thanks to Darren!) and ended up at a restaurant called Wok on the Clouds for dinner in Khan Market. THE FOOD WAS SO GOOD. It sounds like a Chinese restaurant, but we all got Indian food and it was delicious. The perfect way to begin our trip. We had a bit of a struggle getting back to the hotel, but nothing a few right turns after a lot of wrong turns couldn’t fix. I vaguely remember something about changing into pajamas and brushing my teeth, but mostly I just remember my head hitting the pillow and waking up 12 hours later ready for our first full day taking in the city! More on that to come!

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