13 km of Relaxation

It feels like we’ve been here for at least a week, not just 3 days! We have managed to pack quite a bit into our short time here. Since we were starting to feel the affects of two days romping around the city, we decided Sunday would be a good day to explore Hauz Khas, a nice area just a few kilometers from our hotel where we could find stores and restaurants. On our way to Hauz Khas we ran into yet another tomb. The architecture here is just amazing. There is no shortage of beautiful places to take pretty pictures!

 The whole complex of Hauz Khas is in South Delhi and there is a large water tank that used to provide the water to the inhabitants of the area in the early 1300s. The area now still contains the old water tank, a mosque, tomb and old pavilions. The ruins surrounding this area are beautiful and there are lots of cool nooks and crannies to explore! We will definitely be back to this area for a picnic or at least for drinks. 

The area is newly updated with several shops and stores clearly catering to tourists and wealthier individuals from the area. They even had a Starbucks! There is something both alarming and comforting about being able to find that green siren around the world. Of course we had to stop by and indulge 🙂

Today was definitely more relaxed than the others, but we still managed to walk 13 km just taking in the sights and sounds of the area. I also got some really cute jewelry and we can’t wait to get back to the spa there!


We got home around 7pm and rested for a bit before heading to bed early in order to rest up for our first day of placement and school visits! Looking forward to sharing more about that in the days to come!

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