Struggle was in the air this morning. We were all feeling a bit exhausted and run down at breakfast – but we managed to get out of bed! A minor miracle if you ask me. This will be day two at CCS for me and the first day for all of us at the ARK school.

I think we are all starting to get into a rhythm. It is great to feel like we have a handle on the transportation situation and the various areas we need to get to. Today was another morning spent at CCS for me and then I met up with my classmates to spend some time at the ARK school. Having visited the offices on Monday, I was looking forward to checking out the school in person! I met everyone at the school around 1:30pm, just in time to catch the end of lessons and lunchtime. 

What I like most about ARK is that the school is technically still a government school. They are registered and run as a government school, however ARK provides more structure, resources, and training. They have processes in place to make sure that the school is run effectively and are doing their best to provide a high quality education to the kids of this community, requiring a higher standard of professionalism and accountability than you would typically find at a government school in India. The teachers were so gracious and open to having us in their classrooms and the kids definitely enjoyed having new people around to stare at 🙂

We finished up at the school and my classmates spent some time with the teachers planning for their placements (since I am doing mine with CCS). They will be running mini English lessons with the kids on Thursday and next week. We finished up around 4pm and wanted to make the most of the rest of the afternoon so we went to a market area called Meharchand and did a little shopping and hit up a fantastic Indian restaurant for dinner. Definitely looking forward to sleeping after this day.


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