In the Groove

This morning was much the same as the others. We all got ready and went down to the hotel cafe for breakfast. The longer we are here, the more I am appreciating the hotel we are staying at. It only provides the basics, but that seems to suit us perfectly fine. I would definitely recommend this place for students who come for placement in the future! Bloomrooms also offers an hourly shuttle to the metro station, Jor Bagh, which is on the yellow line and makes it easier since I usually have to switch lines from violet to yellow if I don’t take the shuttle. Since the others were headed to the ARK school this morning to observe and teach their first English lesson, I took the shuttle to the yellow line and continued on to CCS riding in the wonderful Women’s Only car of the metro, which I am really appreciating for all of these trips I take alone.

I am quickly learning that India work days do not have a 9am-5pm format. CCS is also a rather laid back environment and doesn’t require strict work hours as long as you are getting your hours in and your work done. Most people don’t arrive until close to 10:30am. I like the quiet hours before everyone comes in though, so I enjoyed a peaceful hour before the rush of staff arrived. I feel like I have a good amount of background research for my literature review and I have read many articles referencing the current issues surrounding 300 budget schools that have been served notices to close or have closed down already. Now that I have the background, I am looking forward to having the opportunity to actually speak with some of those school owners next week. My research advisor and contact at CCS has been in Malaysia at a conference this week, so when he is back in the office on Monday I hope to formulate a clearer plan.

After wrapping up at CCS I made my way back to the neighborhood our hotel is in, near Jangpura metro station. Since the others wouldn’t be back for a bit, I decided to go for a walk. I happened upon a government school not far from us and made note of it to potentially go back and visit while we’re here. The others got back not long after my walk and we packed up our things and prepared for our visit to Jaipur! We took an Uber from the hotel to the airport and it was only about 400 rupees (about £4!) for four of us and all of our luggage. It still amazes me how cheap things are here.

Our flight to Jaipur was only about 30 minutes once we were actually in the air and we landed around 9:30pm. We fired up Uber again and had an uneventful trip to our amazing heritage hotel. This place was so incredibly unique, although we later learned that the beds and wifi left quite a bit to be desired. More on that to come!

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