Just Another Manic Monday

Dear sweet India,

You have more people than I ever thought possible and your overuse of honking, while potentially necessary for avoiding accidents, is overwhelming me.


Claustrophobic American Introvert

That is how my love letter to India would read right now. Seriously, there are people everywhere. All the time. 7am? People! 1pm? People! 5pm? Double the amount of people! 3am? People yelling and trucks honking! It is absolutely insane. I am not sure I remember what silence is like, it seems like a distant memory from another lifetime. So essentially I am saying that this introvert is reaching a limit. I am exhausted and completely worn out, but ironically, very much enjoying it here. We spent the weekend in Jaipur (you can read about that here and here) and by the end I was actually missing Delhi. What a very unexpected turn of events.

This morning I was feeling the strain from a weekend of not sleeping well. I managed to drag myself out of bed and down to breakfast, gulping some coffee before grabbing the 9am shuttle to the Jor Bagh metro station- as has become my routine. I arrived at CCS around 9:30am ready to take on the day and anxious to meet with the research advisor (I will refer to him as R) to get more feedback on my placement ideas. Per usual, I was the first in the office and enjoyed a cup of tea on the balcony before the rest of the staff began to arrive.

I finally had the long anticipated meeting with R and it was a bit like drinking from a fire hose. He gave me a helpful overview of the Right to Education Act, research ideas for me and those that have already been done or are in process at CCS, as well as connected me with another researcher who will be accompanying me to the schools and helping me out with questions I may have along the way.

The meeting ended with the agreement that R would upload some pertinent documents for me to read and I would get started on a research plan including the topic I will be looking at, some bullets regarding the questions I want to explore, and an idea of my methodology and timeline for the project. So on top of my exhaustion, I was now nervous and intimidated; luckily I tend to work well under pressure! I knocked out some of the reading and got a good start to the research plan. I will finish that up tomorrow morning before heading back to Kunskapskollen to finalize the rest of my research there that I began last week.


Murgh Makhani (butter chicken)- my favorite dinner at our our hotel!

It was the most encouraging and overwhelming day at CCS so far, but I now feel that I have a concrete plan to move forward with which is great!

The other went to the cinema to see The Revenant, but I opted to stay behind to finish my research plan and some reading/blogs. Early bedtime for me tonight…with earplugs, my new saving grace.

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