Fetal Position Friday

Two and a half weeks of life in India finally caught up with me on Friday. I woke up with waves of nausea that wiped me out. I can’t be totally sure, but I think the culprit for my pain was some bad water I drank which had been offered to me and I wrongly assumed would be safe. I prepared to power through, since I was looking forward to more meetings with low-cost private schools today to wrap up my placement research. I reached out to CCS to confirm the plan, only to find out that (once again) the plan had been changed and no meetings were scheduled. Disappointed and frustrated, we talked about calling back these contacts and working to meet Monday or Tuesday- as Monday is another holiday here. I’m keeping my fingers crossed as I’m reaching the third week now and really need more data for both my dissertation and my placement research.

Honestly with how awful I was feeling, it’s probably a good thing I wasn’t running all over Delhi for meetings. My classmates went to the ARK school for one last lesson with them and came back that evening finding me curled up in the fetal position praying for my stomach to top churning. I managed to pack up a bag and compose myself in time for us to grab our things and head to Varanasi. I’m glad we decided to do these weekend trips, because there is so much to see in India and who knows when we’ll be back; but I’m also aware of how run down I’m getting. Exhaustion, frustration, and now illness was not putting me in the best mood. I’m hoping a good night of sleep will cure whatever nasty bug got me.

More on Varanasi to come!

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