Maha Shivaratri

We arrived back from Varanasi late last night and couldn’t wait to get tucked back into our glorious Bloomroom’s beds. Having reached out to all of our contacts over the weekend, we were a bit disappointed and discouraged heading into Monday. None of the meetings we had hoped for had worked out. We made tentative plans for Thursday and Friday though, so that is something. An added complication was that today is a holiday known as Maha Shivarati.   
Celebrated in the Hindu religion with parades, offerings, and celebrations to the god Shiva. Most schools and businesses were closed in observance of the holiday. We decided to get out and explore a new area. We landed in Saket, an area with several, quite fancy, malls. From there we went to walk around the Lotus Temple, which was also closed so we were only able to see it from outside the gates.

One of our course mates from the program had different travel plans and arrived in India today, so we all decided to meet up for dinner. We were waiting for her to join us to metro to Khan Market for dinner and passed the time with a few rounds of “I spy” and lots of laughter. We made it to dinner and had the chance to tell our new addition some of the ins and outs of India that we’ve learned along the way. 

I’m so happy to have had this opportunity and to share it with these classmates. Especially on the rough days and during frustrating moments, these friends have helped keep me sane. Here’s to one last week together!

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