Striking Out

Maybe yesterday had made us a little overly confident in our ability to talk our way into schools, because today we were a bit less successful on that front. We plotted out our scheme over breakfast, flagging a bunch of schools within walking distance to us that we were going to try and visit. Stop one was a large senior secondary school called South Delhi Public School. Upon knocking on that gate and asking for the principal, I was quickly told no. No, no, no. Leave. No visits. I can respect that, as it was very obvious testing was going on.

first try!


Next on the list was Lady Irwin Primary School, just down the road. Here we again tried to plead our case with the security guards, but these were some very effective gate keepers. They wouldn’t even allow us to speak to the principal. Pau sent her Newcastle ID with one of the security guys and he came back to tell us that we would need permission from the main office in Connaught Place (North Delhi), in order to come in. He then promptly lost all ability to speak English, again, funny how that works 😉 Disappointed but not deterred, we went to the next on the list.


strike three


SDMC Pratibha Vidyalaya is a primary school in Defence Colony. They welcomed us in here and we got to sit with the Principal for a few moments. Unfortunately they seemed to be rule followers and couldn’t (or wouldn’t) allow us to interact with the teachers or children unless we got permission from the head department of education. Strike three. We did get some pictures of the grounds, though. It was similar to the government school from yesterday and seemed to have similar facilities. The best part was these signs 🙂



At this point it was getting to be afternoon and school would be ending within the hour so we decided to hit one more tourist sight. We went out to see the Qutab Minar, scouring the area of low cost private school signs along the way. Striking out again, we decided to just enjoy a few hours passing time in the peaceful complex and gardens.

We were so drained. Probably from the heat as much as the rejection. Feeling defeated and exhausted, we got some food and made our way back to our hotel.
Initially we were going to try and make the light show we have heard so much about at Akshardam Temple, but by the time we got back to the hotel, we wouldn’t have made it out to the temple in time to get tickets for the show. We opted for a night in and sleep, especially since we FINALLY had a meeting scheduled for Thursday morning that we were all looking forward to.

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