Stillness. The air cool and not yet sun baked. Silence. Wind rustling its way through the trees and the birds singing the world awake. Solitude. The yearning for moments alone. Padding out of bed, without the assistance of an alarm clock, to begin the sacred morning coffee ritual. Each morning this week I have found myself sitting on the ledge staring out the back door of my newly built home in awe. What a privilege it is to live this life. 

Inevitably, the sun will melt away the remaining coolness of morning, my mug will empty, and the world will come alive; a new day begging to be lived. But for a few stolen moments there was rejuvenation, centering, reflection. Mornings are a gift that make the responsibilities of the day seem more attainable. How grateful I am for this space. This opportunity. This life. How blessed I am to call this home.

And on those days, so much light and warmth fills the room that it’s hard not to believe in a little bit of everything.

Brown Girl Dreaming, Jacqueline Woodson

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  1. Gwen says:

    lovely peace


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