Lifestyles of the Racially Ambiguous

It’s Black History Month and it’s also the month that black people made history. So I’ve been reflecting on my own journey. This one is for everybody out there with a severe case of racial imposter syndrome, you’re not alone. “In America, you don’t get to decide what race you are. It is decided for…

Explaining the Inexplicable

But then…a tiny face with a toothy smile will grin at me. Or my host mom will tell me I’m like the daughter she never had. Or a quiet kid will speak a full sentence to me. Or my awesome counterpart will drive out of his way in the middle of the week so I can play volleyball with adults. Or the student volleyball team will triple check that I’m coming to their practice. Or the neighbor who runs a nearby noodle stand will give me a hug at the market. There are a million and one amazing little moments that continue to outweigh the moments of homesickness, and for that, I’ll continue to be grateful.