Hadrian’s Wall Walk West to East: 84(ish) miles in 5 Days

Our trip walking Hadrian’s Wall Path West to East in July 2016. 84+ miles in 5 days!


An Open Letter to My Grad School Posse

I have to admit, I am about to gush. I know, I know, there I go catching all the feels. Please forgive me, I just have a lot I want to say to you. I have so much to thank you for.

Whirlwind Visitor

There is just something about hearing someone whose accent sounds just like yours. Someone who understands what you mean when you say you miss your Chipotle burrito bowl and those days spent wandering the aisles of Target filling your cart with everything you want and don’t need. Living abroad is full of fun new adventures,…

Lesson Learned: Always Double Check Timetables

Last weekend a few new friends and I decided to make the trip to Lindisfarne (also known as Holy Island).  Due to the location of this island, the main road you take to get to the island is completely submerged under water several times a day depending on the tides. There are ample signs and…


Last Saturday I went to this wonderful place with a new friend called Grainger Market. It’s basically a large indoor marketplace with meat, veggies, fruit, coffee shops, flower vendors, sweets shops, clothing stores, etc. It has everything you could possibly want to buy and then some. It’s also been a staple of Newcastle since the…

Tea, Biscuits & Taster Lectures

After weeks of hearing about the infamous Freshers Week, the time finally came and thousands of young first years descended upon Newcastle. I was admittedly a bit hesitant about what this week would bring as an older (but still young!) first-year post-graduate student. The university told us repeatedly that all activities were also open to the…

Newcastle at Last!

The reality is that I’m exhausted right now. Totally and completely wiped. The last three weeks of traveling were incredible and I’d do it again in a heartbeat, but my feet hurt, my shoulders ache from my backpack and I am totally over sleeping in hostel dorm rooms with anywhere from 4 to 21 other zealous travelers. I’m thrilled to finally be moved into my space in Newcastle!

The Best Laid Plans

Hey friends – I’m blogging this year for an organization called Across the Pond. They helped me out when I decided I wanted to study abroad in the UK for my Masters degree. I’ll be publishing my posts here as well as on their blog, which can be found here: Across the Pond Blog. I’ve…