Lifestyles of the Racially Ambiguous

It’s Black History Month and it’s also the month that black people made history. So I’ve been reflecting on my own journey. This one is for everybody out there with a severe case of racial imposter syndrome, you’re not alone. “In America, you don’t get to decide what race you are. It is decided for…

Sannu. Welcome.

Face after face. Sannu, you are welcome. Another face. You are welcome. A hug, a kiss, a name. Sannu, you are welcome. There was an uncomfortable tug at every inch of my body that made it hard to concentrate. Blurry, lost, exhausted, thirsty. Another face. Sannu, sannu, sannu, welcome, welcome, welcome. It repeats. A visit too long overdue yet a visit perfectly on time. A different world. An unknown culture. So much left to be discovered….