It’s me, Celete!

Everyone has a beautiful story. One worth hearing. Everyone got to be who they are by a series of events that have shaped them over the progression of a lifetime. Qualities and interests that make them unique and valuable.

Me? I am a lover of people, adventure, and peanut butter. Quick to laugh. Lover of books. Conversation and coffee are essential. I love to hear stories. Laugh with friends. Sit with family. I’m a fan of escalators, random road trips, and swings. Music should be played always and in every genre. Sunrises are worth waking up for and sunsets mark the end of another beautiful day. Rainbows are rare and should be gawked at. I love mountains. Rivers. Rocks. I believe in a faith that loves every person deeply. Late night conversations. Movies. Driving – windows down, music loud. I like that home is a farm in the country. I believe joy is meant to be shared. Grace should be extended often and immediately. Differences should be celebrated. Life should be a never-ending journey. Wandering is must, destinations are optional.

My dreams? Become an international development professional. Own a self-sustaining coffee shop. Build my own customized tiny house. Go to graduate school. Sponsor a child for 20+ years. Visit at least 5 continents. Travel to 20 countries. Learn to play at least 3 string intsruments. See a kangaroo in Australia. Ride a Gondola in Italy. Visit Greece and soak in Santorini. Cliff jump. Attend a film festival. Paint on a canvas. Learn to play poker. Go to Jerusalem. Skydive. Do a Bikram Yoga 30 day challenge. Hike as many mountains as will have me. Get lost. Go to a live slam poetry event.  Attend the Q Conference and a TED conference. Drive highway 1 in a convertible. Take a bartending class. Visit all 50 states. Go on a coffee crawl. Rollerblade to a picnic & fly a kite. Become a Peace Corps Volunteer. Share a meal and a conversations with a stranger. Visit Bora Bora and rewatch The Parent Trap. Walk the Great Wall of China. Never stop dreaming.

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