“As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work. While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” John 9:4-5 As a young girl I wondered about him from the absences. Years later, I witnessed him in the transition. And now,…


In the lovely state of Michigan, 63 miles west of Detroit, off Interstate-96, you’ll find a commonly passed yet rarely noticed town by the name of Fowlerville. Pop off the highway and mosey through the street lined with fast food chains and Wal-Mart. Make your way down the main street to the single traffic signal in the center of town. Then…

Coming and Going

Somehow, even in the coming and going, I’ve found home. Home lives in the memories; in the streets, the steps, the couches, the movies, the conversations, the meals, the porches, and the memorable moments. I’ve done a lot of leaving, yet I remain convinced that the reason I can leave confidently is because I know that when I return to the people I love, I will always be returning home.

Sannu. Welcome.

Face after face. Sannu, you are welcome. Another face. You are welcome. A hug, a kiss, a name. Sannu, you are welcome. There was an uncomfortable tug at every inch of my body that made it hard to concentrate. Blurry, lost, exhausted, thirsty. Another face. Sannu, sannu, sannu, welcome, welcome, welcome. It repeats. A visit too long overdue yet a visit perfectly on time. A different world. An unknown culture. So much left to be discovered….

The Story of Six Months in Photos

To commemorate the halfway mark of this year, I decided to make a post dedicated solely to the fun, crazy, beautiful pictures I’ve accumulated since August. Let’s be honest, photos are the best part of blogs anyway 😉 Packing complete. Hello, Carribean. I like you. I get to live here? What? My hood Home for…

2014: Four Months of Haiti!

Living in Haiti is not without its challenges. There have been days where life is just hard. Problems seem insurmountable. Circumstances seem too dire. Poverty seems too prolific. The brokenness seems too ingrained. Those days are the ones that friends are made for. So many of you have written, texted, called, emailed and even made videos to express your love and support.

Six Week Rule

I’ve found myself, at several points in this experience, marveling at the awe of how well God has prepared me for this year. In ways I didn’t even recognize until arriving here and in ways that I’m sure I will continue to uncover as the year unfolds.

September Update!

It’s hard to believe I’ve already been here a month. I’ve heard a few people comment that the days in Haiti are long, but the time flies by.


I had a stash of letters saved up for the plane and they were awesome. I got nauseous. Then re-read them. I smiled. Re-read them again. Cried. Re-read them again. Then I just breathed. Thankful for the opportunity this will be and the change this will bring. And then I landed, minus all of my luggage, and walked out into the frenzy of heat and dust.

T-minus 7 Days

I have an amazing grandmother. She is a gifted woman who loves to sew. Years ago she volunteered to make me a t-shirt blanket using old shirts I had accumulated. The first one had a conglomeration of shirts from sports I played, camps I went to, girl scout crafts and the occasional favorite printed tee…