Journal Entries: 2017

Maybe I’ll wish I had this time back. Maybe I’ll wish for a do-over. Maybe I’ll wish I had stayed in closer proximity to the people I love and care about. Then again…maybe I won’t.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

There are two school breaks in Thailand, called bpit terms. One is in mid-October, which I compare to the equivalent of a spring break in the States, and lasts 2-3 weeks. Mid-March through mid-May is the longer summer break. For this bpit term, I went on a adventure with some friends (2 other PCVs and…

Explaining the Inexplicable

But then…a tiny face with a toothy smile will grin at me. Or my host mom will tell me I’m like the daughter she never had. Or a quiet kid will speak a full sentence to me. Or my awesome counterpart will drive out of his way in the middle of the week so I can play volleyball with adults. Or the student volleyball team will triple check that I’m coming to their practice. Or the neighbor who runs a nearby noodle stand will give me a hug at the market. There are a million and one amazing little moments that continue to outweigh the moments of homesickness, and for that, I’ll continue to be grateful.

City Spotlight: Varanasi, India

Benares is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, and looks twice as old as all of them put together.

-Mark Twain

Just Another Manic Monday

Dear sweet India, You have more people than I ever thought possible and your overuse of honking, while potentially necessary for avoiding accidents, is overwhelming me. Sincerely, Claustrophobic American Introvert — That is how my love letter to India would read right now. Seriously, there are people everywhere. All the time. 7am? People! 1pm? People!…

City Spotlight: Jaipur, India (Part 2)

Sorry I have so much to say. Huge shout out to the people who actually read these, you’re great! Since this is Part 2 about Jaipur, I’ll keep it short and sweet. If you missed it, you can check out Part 1 here. Nahargarh Fort The view from this fort is breathtaking. We went just…